exposed aggregate

Did You Know Anything About Exposed Aggregate

The exposed aggregate is a method of concrete laying in this a layer of surface concrete is removed so that it exposed the aggregate of mixed-in. Sometimes the aggregate is mixed with the batch of concrete or the concrete is set upon the surface.

Exposed aggregate is mostly used for patios, pool sides and walkways. Exposed aggregate concrete is also used on surfaces like vertical surfaces like the sound barriers and decorative walls.

Some benefits of exposed aggregate:

There are some benefits to use exposed aggregate such as;

  • With low cost, it gives you a smooth and spectacular finishing.
  • Any surface which is created with this method is non-skid, durable and that surface will be resistant to heavy traffic and weather changes.
  • Due to this technique, you will easily find a decorative plan because its type has no limits.

How to keep maintenance of exposed aggregate?

  • Due to its resistance to heavy traffic and weather changes and its durability you do not need to do any maintenance. You can just wash it on some specific days. If you apply a transparent sealer to the exposed aggregate than it will definitely increase the lifespan of it and protect it from harshness.
  • Exposed aggregate is used so that the surface will be smooth. If you think that your surface needs a repairing then the first thing you should do is to clean it with blasting or scrubbing technique so that your surface will get its look back. ┬áBut if the surface will not get better than you should repeat the process again and again until you get your desired results.

The process of exposed aggregate:

  • You can get exposed aggregate through different methods such as blasting, using chemicals or by brushing
  • Brushing is the simplest and oldest method to get exposed aggregate because it includes spraying the concrete with water which is freshly laid and then scrubbing the concrete with a broom so that the aggregate will be exposed.
  • The chemical technique uses different chemical retardants which include sorbitol and sodium gluconate which slow down the process of concrete to settle down and after one day it settles down properly and then the contractors remove it.
  • In the blasting method, they use shot blasting or sandblasting so that the top set layer of concrete will remove easily.

The contractors use these three main processes to exposed aggregate; these are the easiest way to remove the layers.